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RubberBiscuits – iOS Hockey Stat Tracking App

RubberBiscuits – iOS Hockey Stat Tracking App

Oct 10th, 2015

For the last year or so, I have been spending some of my free time working on a hockey stat tracking app for the iPhone. It’s a native app, built with Swift. I did all of the design and development for the app which is currently available on the App Store.



4,096 CSS Selector Limit in IE

Feb 2nd, 2014

A while back I ran into an issue that took far too long to debug. The project I currently work on is a large-scale single page application. I couldn’t figure out why certain areas of the application had a broken layout. The problem was clearly CSS related, but I could not track down the issue in our code. I finally decided to debug the issue by removing sections of our stylesheets. It didn’t click with me that this could be another pesky IE bug until I realized that I could remove a few CSS selectors from ANYWHERE in our code base and it would fix…



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